Dog collars and leashes

Durable. Waterproof. Easy to clean.

Just what your pet needs!

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Collars and leashes for dogs

Zicollars produces high-quality personalized dog collars and leashes from the US patented material - Biothane, which are perfect for all seasons and activities.

  • Does NOT absorb moisture, mud, smells and won't stretch in a wet environment

  • Amazing colour durability, won't fade away and doesn't colour your pets fur coat

  • Perfectly fits your hand - won't rub and burn your palm


Dog collars

Unique, stylish and practical.

Personalized dog collars with an engraved writing of your choice.

It is important for Zicollars, that your beloved pet is guaranteed to find their way back to you.


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Dog leashes

Colourful, stylish, comfortable and practical leashes.

It is important for Zicollars that you are comfortable when using our dog leashes, be it going for walks or traveling!


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Dog anti-pull harness

Our harnesses are designed to prevent the dog from being able to pull hard, when going for a walk.

They are easy to use and putting them on is simple!


Cat collars

Brightly coloured cat leash with an engraved name.

Does not colour the animal's fur!

Easy to clean, antibacterial!

Cat collars

Zicollars cat collar cat leash cat accessories white cat collar


For Zicollars, it is important that the adventures together are comfortable, convenient and safe with good dog leashes and personalized collars.

We make comfortable leashes and collars with an engraved name and the phone number of the owner, in order to help the pet return home to the owners as soon as possible.

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Zicollars suggests

Hunting dogs orange collar that meets the rules for hunting and makes the dog visible. High-quality collar material is easy to clean, durable, does not absorb moisture, does not fade in the sun, does not freeze in winter and does not crack. The best version of a dog collar for hunting.

Zicollars suggests

Durable, high-quality light-reflecting collar for safe walking. Personalized with an engraving.

Zicollars suggests

Leash which is made of a soft material that fits very well in the hand. does not burn or rub the palm. In the cold it does not become hard and won't get cracked. Easy to wash with soap and water. Forget about rubbed hands from leashes!